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Space Command Center


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It's another busy day at the Space Command Center!

The Space Command Center is based on the original space sets from the late 1970's. It's designed to look like a set that could've come from that era. Found on a rocky planet full of craters, the structure is above ground and contains all the equipment and technology required for space exploration.

Designed with play in mind, the Center features an open layout with plenty of room. Walkways make sure everything is connected. Two astronaut minifigures are included. A single-seat spacecraft is perfect for exploring space. An unmanned rocket is also present for carrying cargo and the like. Other features at the Center include a plenty of radar screens, a power generator and satellite dishes for discovery and communication.

At just over 500 pieces, the Center is an easier build. We always need more space-themed sets, so this one is an easy choice. It'll also fit right in with your other classic Space sets!

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