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Bruce Lee & Ip Man Training


(Note) This set is not based on any Bruce Lee or Ip Man film but the actual people themselves, it is a historical set.

My set depicts the legendary well known martial artist: Bruce Lee which invented Jeet Kune Do and his legendary master Yip Man.

Bruce Lee He was born in San Francisco and was not only a Martial Artist and the Founder of Jeet Kune Do but also a Actor, filmmaker and philosopher. He become to be considered the most influential martial artist of all time.

His master Yip Man started to train Bruce Lee when Bruce was 16 years old in the form of Wing Chun. It was said that fewer than 6 people were selected to be taught by Yip Man Wing within the group while training for Wing Chun.

Along with the minifigures my set comes with a heavy liftable weight, a table to place training nunchakus upon a Wing Chun dummy, and a post with a punching bag.

This would be the perfect set for any Bruce Lee and martial arts fan.

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