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Day Care

The parents of LEGO City need someone to watch their children while they're at work. The Day Care Center is the perfect place for children of all ages to play and learn while their parents are busy.

The children can paint at the paint station, take a nap on the sleeping mats, or outside on the playground. The adults prepare snacks in the kitchenette, while babies can stay safe in the playpen.

I built this set because I was surprised there wasn't already a LEGO City day care and thought it would be a great addition to any city. This set is 20 inches long by 10 inches wide and 8 inches high, and is made from 1,500 Lego pieces. It also includes two adult minifigures, one child, and one baby. It is hinged at the center and the roof is removable for maximum playability. Thank you for your support, and I hope this project has a chance to appear in your City setup someday!

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