Product Idea |

Lego Ninjago Snow Hunter

This has been designed for when Jay is chasing an evil snake man (his name is Fansore). Fansore was created by snakes . We have built a vehicle that can travel on land or snow and is super fast and chases Fansore. 
Fansore also has a vehicle too which he uses to travel to do his dastardly deeds.
The vehicle has a trip wire at the back to catch its target and includes a gun at the front which fires thunder glue which electrocutes people.
The vehicle also includes a reverse changing mechanism so jay can get changed super quick when needed.

Why people play with this? 
Because it has a cool design , is different from all other Ninjago vehicles and is relatively simple to make so would be ideal for the £10 or so sets which are popular for birthday parties 

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