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Overlanding Camper Truck

The world of camping and off-roading have been growing over the years and the term “overlanding” has taken off in popularity. The term "overlanding" is used when exploring the most remote areas for extended periods of time in purpose-built rigs outfitted for self-sufficient travel off-road and ready to tackle any terrain. The trucks can sometimes carry solar, water, full kitchen setups and various other camping gear depending on the journey and type of terrain to travel. This is the idea for a purpose-built "overlanding" camper truck. The truck is a full-sized 4x4, lifted and protected with skid plates. Has a camper shell to secure the camping gear, 12-volt camping fridge and cooling equipment. The truck carries all the necessary recovery gear and equipment such as a winch, shovel and axe. It has plenty of heavy-duty protection for off-road driving. Includes high-power LED lighting. There are pop-out awnings for sun and rain protection while camping. The camper  truck carries water and has solar system on the roof for remote power and charging of the electrical items. There is a kayak carrier for remote river adventures.This is not your grandad's RV. 

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