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Map of the Constellations


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Who has never dreamed while observing the stars at nightfall?

This set is a map of the constellations, accompanied by a small set representing a child and his father looking at the fabulous stars that surround us.

The map represents the 6 best known constellations (Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Draco, Cepheus, Pegasus and Cancer).
The whole is made up of 480 pieces including 2 figurines, the card measures 25x25 cm.

This set will appeal to astronomy enthusiasts but not only, it will be the essential element of your collection.

This map will allow you to learn the name of some constellations playfully.
You will also be able to discover this card from all angles by observing it glow in the dark.

The minifigures: the son minifigure has been named Filippo in honour of a LEGO and stargazing lover who supported it. Thanks a lot to him !

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