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Assembly Aircraft Company AF-813 Brute

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Greetings lego fans! this is the newest polymer pile from the AAC; the AF-813 Brute. some of you may already be familiar with its predecessor, the XA-113 Raven, but this one is a little different. for starters it's a spaceship instead of an airplane. however,like the Raven, i did design it with lego universe in mind.

think of this as sort of a flying space tank. it's heavy. a lot of this is solid brick, not much hollow space, so it can take a considerable amount of damage. and it's fast. really fast.

armament: 2 mass-pulse heavy ion cannon, 4 synchronized AWA's (automatic weaponized accelerators), 2 air-to-air missiles, 2 mounted hand lasers, 8 defensive mini-turrets.

i recommend you tilt your head to the right, it looks cooler.

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