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Star Wars Episode 3 - Kashyyyk Attack!


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The battle at Kashyyyk was another action packed part of the Star Wars movies and has the potential to be an exciting Lego play set with lots of playable features!  I've designed this set to align with the other ucs released.  I've tried to use a similar amount of minifigs and pieces as the current Hoth and Ewok village sets use.

I’ve suggested a few minifigs that might fit in with the Kashyyyk battle but open to suggestions:

  • Yoda
  • 3x Kashyyyk Troopers
  • 5x Wookies (could be a good opportunity to release some new characters or paint jobs)
  • 2x Battle Droids
  • 2x Super Battle Droids
  • Crab Droid (with rust and moss colourings to match movie scene)
  • Armoured Tank Droid (with rust and moss colourings to match movie scene)
  • Can-cell (flying mount seen quickly in the movies)

I’m also suggesting the inclusion of some of the Wookie ship designs as well as Yoda’s escape pod to extend the play features.  Some of the existing play features include:

  • Yoda’s platform where he observes the battle from
  • The Wookie defence barrier and battle gun which is seen on the shoreline
  • The holographic table Yoda uses to speak with the Jedi Council
  • A meeting/gathering area in the entrance of the Wookie tree with various Wookie instruments and artefacts on display
  • A rotatable branch and vine the Wookies can use to swing. In the movies the Wookies use vines to swing down and drop bombs onto the droid tanks.

I really wanted to capture the look and feel of Kashyyyk and hope you like the design as I had a lot of fun trying to get this to work.

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