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Hello, everyone! It's me, cheeseinthepie.

With the new LEGO Digital Designer patch, there are lots of cool new ways to build LEGO Ideas projects! Let's start with this LEGO Subway that I built today.

This Subway is 1004 pieces. There are seven minifigures: An engineer with an Octan mug, a man reading a newspaper, a car mechanic with a tool box, a boy playing with a toy subway car, a woman with a phone, an old lady reading a newspaper, and a little girl playing with her teddy bear. Okay, maybe that was too specific.

Each car is nearly identical, yet, not quite. The first subway car is Power Functions compatible. YAY! There is also a control panel in the front of the car, and a door in the back. The middle car is full of seats, and has doors on both of its ends. The last car looks like the first subway car, but it is full of seats. Like the first one, it has a control panel also.

Thank you all for your support overtime. I really appreciate it. See you all later! By cheesy. 2/18/2018

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