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Mexican Restaraunt


Mexican restaraunt 

the set takes place in the heart of Mexico "Mexico City" ( this set is not considered a modular )

this set will include a booklet that will educate you about Mexican culture and also guide you to the most beautiful places of Mexico.

If you are into costum Mocs or a master builder then this is the set for you. The build comes with six mini figures, several exotic colors, and plenty unique pieces.

 The set also includes bonus buils not only for looks but for education. A vehicle named the "tuk-tuk" will also be included with a 360° turning-wheel.

this build is not considered a modular because it doesn't have a roof or a back wall, it's made to allow the child to play freely or for the adult to display with an  exposed interior as a model or souvenir.

please give my build a support

Thank You and keep on building master builders :)


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