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Jurassic Park Jeep


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This lego project is the Jurassic Park Jeep. This jeep is based off of the lego game but has been modified.The main body was the adaptation of the game but the roll cage has been modified to fit regular lego. The roll cage is able to lift up in order to put a minifigure into the vehicle. The side label "Jurassic Brick" is my own design as a lego parody of Jurassic Park. The side labeling if turned into a lego set will use Jurassic Park. The set can come with Dennis Nedry Lego Minifigure to represent the scene in which Dennis steals the dinosaur embryos. The set could also instead be the scene in the beginning of the movie with a brachiosaurus. It would include minifigures, John Hammond,Dr. Alan Grant, and Dr. Ellie Sattler.

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