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Classic Diner


Welcome to the Lego Diner, where everybody leaves full and happy! This model has two walls, for easy access and playability. There is a red-and-white checkered flooring, with special features all throughout! There is a fully detailed kitchen (with a refrigerator, drink dispenser, and more), a dining booth with reclining seats, and even a gumballl machine! There is also a coffee bar for other customers to sit at and enjoy a meal. There are also other smaller elements (napkin holder, dishes, and more). There are 6 minifigures in all, including a busboy, and of course, the chef.

The structure itself includes the two walls built with white bricks. There are four windows that have the ability to open up, and there are light gray mason bricks all round the lower part of the walls. Steps lead up to the kitchen, where the chef cooks everybody's delicious meals. And panels go around the dining area up to the kitchen. Curved bricks are used in the corner, as well. 

Please support this set! I feel that this would be an awesome set for Lego to sell! It has great playing features, and this set means hours of fun for children at any age! I have been a Lego fan for a number of years, and I have never seen a set like this. So I think making this into a Lego set for purchasing would be truly awesome. Thanks for reading this description, everyone! If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave one. Thanks again!