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Lego Drinks Machine


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The Lego Drinks Machine.

This is a project that I have been working on for a while. It is a Minifigure scale drinks machine that really works. It contains a cool mechanism inside which allows you to push a Lego 100 dollar bill piece inside and a Lego drink will fall from the mechanism chamber into the tray where you favorite Minifigures can take their drink. This model took me quite a while to get right because I wanted it to be an appropriate scale to Minifigures but also, the mechanism within had to be as small as possible in order for it to fit into the space that I had available to me. The drinks machine holds one round at a time and the top of it is tiled and you can remove the top ( 2x4 tile) to gain access to the mechanism chamber and to reload your drink. Next to the drink that falls out, I have added a foe drink that doesn't move to make it look like there are more drinks inside. I must point out, at the base of the machine I have placed a 1x2 cheese chunk to prevent the drink from falling out and rolling away. Finally, there is a reload system at the back of the machine that is activated once the money tile has gone all the in, to get your money back, simply push the money reject button that pops out of the back of the machine. Overall, I really hope you all like this design. I really put a lot of effort into the making of this model and I hope you all support this creation and I think this would be great addition into a Lego city layout.

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