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Retro Arcade


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Bring out your inner child with the amazing interactive ‘Retro Arcade’.

Join Charlie on the coin operated sports car or grab a drink from the vending machine.

Help Mollie’s Grandpa win a teddy on the claw grabber or help yourself to some candy from the gumball machine.

Pop inside and hold on tight on the superbike or put your driving skills to the test on the car racer.

Why not finish off with a good old blast on the arcade video games before taking a snapshot in the photo booth.

Bursting with fun, working functions and indoor light bricks, the ‘Retro Arcade’ is a winner for all ages.

Features 1,849 pieces and 7 minifigures. Interactive functions include: coin operated sports car, claw grabber, super bike, car racer, indoor light bricks and a rotating planet on the arcade roof.

Two of my happiest childhood memories are Lego and going to the arcade. These are the main reasons I built this model, combining them together to create this Lego Retro Arcade.

I’m sure you will agree, this would be a great Lego set to own, for both nostalgic adults and the more modern gamer from the younger generation.

Make the dream become a reality with your support.

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