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Ticket to Ride

All aboard! Tickets please! Next stop… Ride.

Being a lover of the 20-year-old board game and a lover of Lego, I thought I’d brush off the cobwebs, finally download Lego Studio, and have a crack at my second build since my San Fran Skyline back in 2018 (ironically a year before the official Lego version launched).

Hold the board upside down and nothing will fall… every brick representing a route is secured to the base map, which was a very iterative challenge in replicating the European version of the game.

And there’s the potential of this build… not only do you get a great display piece that can be used time and time again as a playing surface… extra location tiles could be included with the instruction booklets to build the USA or Germany versions or any area of the world that takes your fancy. The geographical possibilities are endless.

I've since made improvements to the version I initially submitted, adding the little illustrations around the map, including the black playing pieces, and changing all the route 1x3 pieces with the jumper plates to make it easier to remove the trains.

If you do appreciate the time and effort it took me to replicate this game and hopefully do it justice, then I would appreciate your appreciation through a support, and then who knows, maybe we can continue through Ride station… the next stop instead being the elusive 10,000 club!

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