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Four By Four Winch


A Lego City style 4x4 vehicle with a winch. It is made from approximately 150 pieces. it is six studs wide and 14 studs long. it is loosely based on a Toyota Land cruiser. it can sit two mini figs, one in the front and one in the back.

there is a winch at the front. the winch is turned with a key that can be inserted into the wing, the key can then be stored at the back of the vehicle. The roof section and windows come off in one section for easy access to the inside. 

I built this model for my boys to play with, they seem to like playing with lego ropes, so i tried to incorporate this into a build. first i put a winch in the back of the truck in set 4433. then later experimented with the winch at the front.

It's because of the winch that makes this build tons of fun to play with. my kids love cranking the winch with the key and putting it back in its slot. they also use the key to pretend to fix the wheels.

there are some elements that i don't have in the colour i needed, such as the white wheel arches and the technic 1x2 bricks. also i think perhaps instead of the crank piece, a wheel would be better, that way when stored at the back it would look like a spare wheel.


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