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This is the Caldari Rokh Battleship from Eve Online.

Description and Attributes from Eve Online:

Having long suffered the lack of an adequate hybrid platform, the Caldari State's capsule pilots found themselves rejoicing as the Rokh's design specs were released. A fleet vessel if ever there was one, this far-reaching and durable beast is expected to see a great deal of service on battlefields near and far.

Length: 1,025 m
Volume: 486,000 m3
Mass: 105,300,000 kg
Max Velocity: 89 m/s
Warp Speed: 3.00 AU/s
Turret Hardpoints: 8
Missile Hardpoints: 4

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Side View Port Side

Rear View Port Side

Overhead/Rear View Starboard Side

Interior view. There is ample room for a command center, storage, etc. in both the front sections and rear sections of the ship.

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