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Medieval Market Village


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Welcome to the "Medieval Market Village!" 
You always need a village to accompany your magnificent castle, right? Search no further than the Medieval Market Village! Bustling with commerce and festive celebration, the market village is the perfect place for endless adventures among the commoners. After selling your scrumptious baked goods, head over to the village tavern and grab a cup of grog. Or better yet, head over to the blacksmith to have your old sword repaired. The possibilities are endless! 

This product idea consists of:
A tavern (or cottage)
A blacksmith with waterwheel
A second cottage with storage
A large tree, trading stands, horse drawn cart, and much more! 

This product idea is inspired by the Medieval Market Village (set 10193) from 2008, which was an exciting and innovative set for its time. I was motivated to create this new and complex village for LEGO Ideas, hoping that it would reach the necessary support for it to become a set for LEGO castle fans all over the world! I included a vast amount of amusing details for an authentic scene that would appeal to the eye, so it can be used for either display or play.

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