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Zootopia DMV


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                                                   "In Zootopia, anyone can be anything."
Based on the best Disney movie ever created, comes a LEGO theme that allows you to build some of the iconic scenes from the start, middle, and end of Judy and Nick's adventure in Zootopia. For this project, I made “The DMV”.                                                        

                                       DMV (DEPARTMENT OF MAMMAL VEHICLES)
                                                          "Wait...they're all sloths!"                                        

1. Detailed DMV
2. Accurate DMV sign
3. Flash’s car (with opening roof)
4. ZPD car (with opening doors, trunk, and roof)
5.  Cute, ZPD meter-maid car
6. Four detailed characters, including: Judy Hopps (Bunny), Nick Wilde (Fox), Flash Slothmore (Sloth), and Priscilla (Sloth). (If you want to see how the real minifigures might look, please look at the first update)
1. Nick’s Pawpsicle
2. A DMV stamp
3. Two DMV mugs
4. Priscilla’s DMV pen
5. A ticket and ticket printer
6. Handcuffs
7. Judy’s Fox Repellent
Piece Count: 1,520 bricks

For playability, the two sides of the DMV can open up for complete access to the interior.

NOTE: I combined two scenes from the movie to create this set. When Judy and Nick go to the DMV to run the plate, and when they pull Flash’s car over at the end of the movie.

NOTE: For this set, Judy would need the ability to flop her ears down, in order to fit in the meter-maid car.

NOTE: I did not include a long description of what happens in this scene, because I included the Official Zootopia “Sloth Trailer”. This trailer shows the general idea of that scene. Please watch, and enjoy both the “Sloth Trailer” and the Official Zootopia “Try Everything” music video.

Zootopia is a movie that I believe should become a LEGO set, and as I have shown, it could be fun with many different characters and playability features. Please SUPPORT to make LEGO Zootopia a reality.
                                                                            "Try everything..."
Inspiration from bradders1999


Click below to watch the Official Zootopia Sloth Trailer.

Click below to watch the official Zootopia “Try Everything” music video.

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