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Fantastic Four's Fantasticar

The Set concept features the Fantasticar and 4 minifigures. Lego has not yet made a Lego Fantasticar and it could be a really cool Lego set. It could tie into the present Lego Marvel theme if made. The minifigures are The Thing (big fig), Reed Richards, Invisible Woman, Human Torch. This is just i rough model and i will improve it when i can. These are purist so if lego makes them they will look good. None of these designs are final.

The top picture has rough minifigure models of Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch and Invisible Woman.

The front view of the fantasticar based on the one in they video game and yes, it does split into 4 parts.
Please note that none of the designs are final, and will be changed for the official set.

Mr Fantastic in the front seat

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