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The Claw


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The Claw provides playability rarely seen anywhere.

It's fun to play with, because it makes it so ridiculously hard to do anything.

You can wear it on your hand and make your life so much more complicated. You can try cooking, sweeping, cleaning, or anything else with this on your hand and see that it really is horrible.

As a lego set, though, it is great and it offers hours of play. For instance, you can attack your LEGO City with a giant claw hanging from the sky and then send some superhero to deal with it or you can attack you city with a giant monstrous robot and then swoop in with this enormous claw, destroy the robot and save the day. (The robot in the video is my Walking Wind-up Robot


  • 50 cm (20') or approximately 57 studs long
  • The handle fits both right and left hands
  • The handle is made ergonomic with sloping bricks
  • Four claws ensure a good grip at almost anything you'd like to lift
  • Can safely lift over 2 kg (4,5 lbs) wich is more than enough to lift the LEGO 42030 Bulldozer


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