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HMS Baleen

Exciting discoveries await the brave seafarers that will challenge the unknown!
Welcome on board of the HMS Baleen, a submergible scientific vessel designed to study cetacean ecology.
Equipped with the Most Advanced Technology™ in hydroacoustics, your mission will be to observe and record the life of a small gam of whales through their adventures. Marvel at the majesty of life, explore the abyss and share the love!!!

I created this model for an activity here, on LEGO Ideas.
It soon gained quite the feedback, until someone requested the project to be released as a product idea. And I love you, random citizen!
This is a whale themed submarine, something that joins the 2 worlds I love: vehicles and biology.
I hope you like it!
It has a cockpit, but it's not wide enough for minifigures. Raising the roof to adjust the dimensions would impact the design, so as of now you'll need to leave your legs at home if you wanna crawl inside this little jewel. I could probably scale it up, but only if this projects gains enough love from the community :)

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