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Battle on the Freight Train

I have always loved those scenes in movies when 2 or more people battle on freight trains, I like the thrill of the adventure as they sway side to side battling. Therefore, I decided to build a model with a beautiful background to imitate as much as possible the way a real model looks!

The model can be pushed around on the tracks!

  1. The Train can be pushed foward, at any speed you want (Just don't break it), using only a push
  2. The brakes, working with the hand in front can stop the movement of the train.


Amount: 953 Lego Bricks
Length: 80 Lego Bricks
Width: 14 Lego Bricks
Height: 19 Lego Bricks

I believe this model could make a great Lego set for some reasons :

  • It is one of the firsts Battles to be featured on a cool train
I think it is fun to control and play with
And is a great display set!

I hope you liked the model and maybe support it !

Made by: Bricktastic99

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