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Minas Tirith Battle (The Lord of the Rings)


LEGO IDEAS is no longer acceping LOTR projects. Support this project to keep the theme alive!

Hello fellow LEGO fans! :)

I recently finished making a really amazing Lord of the Rings project, and submit it for approval. Sadly, the LEGO IDEAS team rejected the project, telling me that they will no longer accept projects based on The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit.

Here is what they said:

"Dear JediPippin,

Thanks for your inquiry into how the new guideline regarding active third party licenses work.

Please note that the Lord of the Rings license is still an active license in the LEGO portfolio through the following LEGO Dimensions products - and We consider an active license to be any physical licensed set that is currently available or announced in the LEGO store.

As a result, we will unfortunately not, at this time, be able to approve your project based on Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.

Once the license fully retires from the LEGO product assortment, then you'll once again be welcome to submit your projects based on Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit.

In the meantime, I hope you can use your LEGO building skills to build other creative projects based on original ideas or other licensed themes that are allowed.

Kind regards and happy building,


So now LEGO IDEAS will not be accepting projects based on The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, because the theme is somehow not retired yet. And they just made the new policy that they wont approve sets based on active themes.(Even though every actual LOTR and The Hobbit set has been retired! Somehow they consider the LEGO Dimensions "Fun Packs" to be part of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit theme. Making it still active.)

What do you guys think about this? (Please comment on what you think about this.)


This Minas Tirith Battle project is one of the last LOTR projects left on LEGO IDEAS. If this project is going to make it to the review stage, its going to need a lot more support! Please support this project to keep LOTR on the LEGO market! (If this project doesn't make it to the review stage, then we wont have any more chances to bring LOTR back. Because LEGO IDEAS isn't going to approve any more LOTR projects.)

Support this project before LEGO Lord of the Rings becomes completely retired! 

The fate of Minas Tirith is in your hands!

Thanks! You're amazing!

Best wishes to all,   

~ JediPippin




Please check out my latest LEGO Rebrick entry. It's super cool!

Hello friends!

I just entered the LEGO Rebrick, LEGO LIFE contest. I made a really detailed Castle themed brick, and would love it if you could check it out.

Here is a link to my entry's page:{F28B3A83-E85C-432C-B3A6-59B28C31761D}&a_id=2989c4aa-f1f7-477d-903a-32d8aee4d3e0&sortEntry=true

(Please like my entry! You can do that by clicking on the blue heart that's on the right of the entry page. I would really appreciate it!)

It would be amazing if you could like it, and then comment and tell me what you think.

Thanks! You're amazing!

Best wishes to all,



New Fluttershy's Cottage now gathering support! Please check it out!

I now have a new project gathering support. It is Fluttershy's Cottage. I worked really hard to get the detail right on this particular project, and would love it if you would go check it out. Please support it and tell your friends to support it too. You are so amazing! Best wishes to all,


Here is a link to the project:

Here are some images from the project:



New add-on set! (This set finishes the full castle.)

I just finished a new add-on set that when combined with the first set, will make the full castle. I have gotten many  requests for me to make this, and it's finally here! I hope this will satisfy all the Lord of the Rings fans that were not happy before. Here are the rendered images: 

Here are the images of the full castle:I hope this add-on set will help convince people to support this project, now seeing the potential of this set. Best wishes to all, JediPippin.

Note to LEGO: Please know that this is a potential add on set, and not actually part of the set. I added this to show what the potential of this project is. If this project does reach 10,000 supporters, you can choose if you want to make this part or not. This shouldn't affect the LEGO review process. Thanks!



New Grond!

I just finished making this Grond. I hope it adds something to this project. I've gotten a lot of requests for this, and I finally got around to making it. Here are the rendered images:

Thanks, and best wishes to all!


New steward's chair in the throneroom!

 It has recently been brought to my attention that the steward doesn't actually sit in the throne, which is reserved for the king. Instead, he sits in a black chair at the bottom of the throne. (I don't know how I forgot this, as I have watched The Return of the King many times. Well, at least enough times to make a LEGO Minas Tirith.) This isn't much of a change to the overall set, but is still very important. Here is a picture of what the change looks like:  Thanks to all who have helped with this project! And a big thanks to LordofHobbits and TheLightweaver for bringing this to my attention. Keep sharing this project with everyone you know, so it can reach 10k! Best wishes to all,  JediPippin


New orc army catapult!

Here are the images of the new orc army catapult. it is fully functional, and has the possibility of adding rubber-band power. I also included a flag for the army. This one is pretty simple. When the lever is turned, it causes the bottom end (the grey part) to go down and the arm to go up. When the arm goes high enough, it hits a bar, this force throws the rock out of the catapult.


New rubber-band powered trebuchets!

I found a way to make the trebuchets rubber-band powered. this makes them more fun and accurate. I used real bricks to experiment with this, and found that it works great with my design. The image below shows how the rubber-band would connect to the trebuchet:  How it works: When the throwing arm is pulled down, the counter-weight connected to the rubber-band goes up. This causes the rubber-band to stretch. Then when the throwing arm is released, the counter-weight relieves the tension by swinging back closer to the other side of the rubber-band. This causes the throwing arm to swing back up with lots of force and, WHOOSH, the rock is thrown! (I tested this with real bricks, and it works perfectly.)


New castle towers with functional trebuchets, and orc army catapult!

The long awaited update is finally here! I added two towers on the ends of the castle, with fully functional trebuchets on them. I also added a flag and fully functional catapult to the orc army, which I will show in its own update. Here are the rendered images:  The image below shows the front wall of the castle from the front, including the additional towers.                                                                                                     

The next two images show the front castle wall from the back and top.The images below show zoomed-in versions of the left tower. This tower includes: the Minas Tirith library, and a storage for trebuchet stones. I took the roof off in the next image to get a good angle of the library. The images below show zoomed-in versions of the right tower. This tower includes a horse stall. (I put Shadowfax in there just to show that it is for a horse. In the movie, Shadowfax does not stay in a horse stall.) The next two images show what the trebuchets would look like before, and while launching.


My 16 birthday is coming up on August 10th! Please support this project to fulfill my birthday wish.

Hello fellow LEGO Ideas users,

my sixteenth birthday is coming up on Wednesday August 10th. Please take into your consideration that it is my dream to be the designer of a real LEGO product. I have worked very hard to create this project, and hope that my hard work will pay off. I have recently realized that the only way that this project will gain the 10,000 supporters needed to advance to the review stage, is if it goes "viral". My goal is to have as many people as possible support this project by the end of the day on August 10th (My birthday). Please support this project if you like it, or just want to help a sixteen year-old boy fulfill his birthday wish and life-long dream. Please also tell friends, family, and everyone else to support it too.Thanks to all who have helped support, and all who will support in the future, you are all amazing! Best wishes to all,


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