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Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle is one of the most iconic Studio Ghibli movies ever made. Out of that, the most iconic piece is obviously, the castle itself. This castle has so many weird quirks and features that make it look like the most beautiful ugly monstrosity ever created. With pipes leading everywhere, smokestacks, and it's face, the build was one of the most complicated builds I've ever had to make. This is over 2 years of planning. I really hope this at least makes it to 1,000 supporters but without further ado, I present to you, Howl's Moving Castle.

Let's clear up some confusion:

There are photos in there of the interior of the castle, however, not inside the castle. Why? That was simply because I couldn't find the right angle to show the full details of the entire interior created. So, I took out the interior building and took the photo from there. If you want evidence that it fits, I will give it to you.

Features of the Build:

Minifigure scaled Howl's Castle
Turnip Head Minifigure
Young Sofia

The Complexity:

This build is a really, really complex build that required me to use so many building methods I though I would never use and some that I discovered. There are so many curves and angles to the castle and so many intricate details that I simply couldn't use traditional building methods. It was really hard to get it right and sometimes I rage quitted the entire build because of how hard it was to create. Nonetheless, this is my most prized and treasured creation up to date.

Why it should become a LEGO set:

This LEGO set is by far the most complex, intricate, and beautiful monstrosity I have ever created and I feel like so many people would be able to relate and have fun with it. It could be used for roleplay or for display. The complexity of it would give people a new challenge and a new LEGO experience. I want to bring together all of the LEGO and Ghibli fans together. This set, I believe, is the best way to do it. 

Please Support this and may I hope this gets to 10,000.

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