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Mixed Freight Cars

Are you tired of having only the standard 3 car long freight trains and no caboose? Well, me too. I was done having only short freight trains or having to buy multiple of the same set just to get a longer train.

The gondola is open-air and is filled with grain or wheat but could also be adapted to carry different items. The boxcar it a eye catching Union Pacific paint sceme with working doors and can hold any standard LEGO pallet that is 6x4 studs. The flat bed car has the capacity to hold 4 extended pallets that are 8 studs long and 6 wide. It comes with the included 4 pallets that any standard LEGO forklift can pickup. The caboose has a brake wheel at the front and has the vertical poles found on the real thing. It has working doors and 4 windows on each side. The set would come with 8 pieces of standard lego straight track to display the train on or to add to your existing set-up.

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