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Starfire Blacktron I

Swift and feared
The “Starfire Blacktron I” spacecraft is a marvel of intergalactic engineering. Despite its compact size, this small ship is feared by all space explorers who venture beyond the stars.

Key Features
  1. Lightning Speed: The “Blacktron” is like a bolt of lightning in space. Its plasma engines propel it at dizzying speeds, allowing it to dock with other ships before their crew can even blink.
  2. Stealth Design: Its black-as-night hull is equipped with camouflage technology, making it practically invisible to enemy radars. Rival explorers have barely any time to react before the “Blacktron” swoops down upon them.
  3. Precision Weapons: Despite its size, this ship is armed to the teeth. Its high-precision laser cannons can pierce the armor of any enemy vessel. The “Blacktron” pilots are masters of strategy and space combat.
  4. Swift Escape: After docking with an enemy ship and plundering its treasures, the “Blacktron” vanishes in the blink of an eye. No one knows how it accomplishes this, but spacefarers swear they’ve seen flashes of black light as it speeds away.
  5. Feared Pilot: The villainous “Blacktron” is at the helm with an unwavering hand. His face hidden behind a black mask, he remains an enigma to all. Rumor has it that he has a dark past and seeks revenge against those who betrayed him.

Design Process
Classic Space in black and yellow, simple and brilliant.
I deeply love the small, playable spaceships and cars from the classic era of the 80s and 90s. The way they used just a couple of dozen pieces and 2-wide plates to create something fun was truly imaginative.

In this design, I’ve incorporated some of my favorite parts, such as the space control panel and the trans-yellow disks. The inspiration for the name and design is directly connected to the “6820 Starfire I” set—one of my all-time favorites.

If you are a true classic space Lego fan, then you should support this marvelous design and vote up!

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