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El Morro

Welcome! Bienvenidos! To Castillo San Felipe del Morro, also known as el Morro! Built in the 16th century, this citadel is located in the historic old San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Hi! I’m Manny and my story starts when I was 4 yr old, when I got introduced to the wonders of Lego bricks. in 2019, me and my dad embarked on a journey that changed our lives, we did Legomasters! when casting, I was asked if I had the chance to build anything I wanted, I thought wow what and great opportunity! ! After a year and weeks and months of sorting and getting the parts right, I finally got a chance to build my dream! I'm Puerto Rican born and raised, and as a latino I felt compelled to build a national recognized monument that represents my culture my history and my people! It was a treat being able to build and have this historic landmark done with Lego bricks! 

LETS TAKE A TRIP! Back in history! To the age of exploration! El Morro was a fort constructed to protect the island and the new world from further conquest, what an adventure! 

El Morro comes with many level and rooms, and built in 1539 is was very first a church follow by a prison! Many soldiers lived in the fort, so it was also dormitory and refuge for many islanders, a huge fort shelter! The first ground floor holds an entrance to a cellar with native relics with a lamp to guild your way through the floor, revealing a map and stairs to the upper floor! Antic church windows decorate one side of the ground floor with cross pattern bricks! 

Second level of El Morro is a storage room of sorts housing cannon box containers, with a table that has a candle, bottle and map for the soldiers! this was A naval base, so soldiers had telescopes which they looked out from in the three windows of the round structure, and one can find it in the second level of the build! also we have a pot for the ones who dorm to cook with a barrel with a few food items and a indigenous plant, who knows what we'll grow! 

Lastly we have the top level where we see the main and most famous iconic cylinder domes that are located all throughout the fort, and that's where we blast the cannons! El Morro in history held back and defeated dozens of armies and naval fleets in its day, what a sight! El Morro with is monumental walls withstood battle for centuries and it still stand today! A historic landmark not only to Puerto Rico but to the United States as well, its a museum and tourist attraction present day.

I believe this would make an awesome lego set not only for Lego enthusiasts but to all who appreciate history and cultural things, and all the proud Puerto Ricans in the island would agree that this is a first in building El Morro using lego bricks, and it looks so cool! Now we all can have a part of history with this unique Lego set! We've manage to capture a real look to the actual Morro fort with newly elements from Lego, so this is a first for this fort to be build using Lego bricks! El Morro in Lego has all the parts and build that take you back in time to an awesome age of discovery and history you just can't help to imagine the endless possibilities! Besides the play this set can also be a decorative display in any table or shelf, making it great for conversation and story! 

The doors are not closed and the great Morro fort of old San Juan Puerto Rico stands! Its circle dome observatories are as iconic and recognize as much as the country flag! Tourist from all over come and see the history that is still preserve inside the fort, like the cannons and Spanish exploration relics from back in the 15th century. 

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