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Project Elements: Chapter 2 The Strange of Eleton: 05 Carinae Express


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Hi everyone,

OMG! This idea took me a lot of time, and maybe there is some way to decrease the piece count and some building error since I am using the LDD.  If you ask me is there anything that challenge me a lot...  I think every thing except the buggy and railroad is challenging me.  First I wanted to make a locomotive and then thought about what I should put in the cargo, so I went back to story.  Oh, Group Maledius wants to destroy the railroad~  So, how do people of Pyrka try to avoid that?  Airplane? No, I want buggy, so one cart is for buggy, and the other is for food and a motorbike. (just for fun and more story changing factors for kids to play with)  One part I am so afraid, or not very familiar with is the Lego Power Function since I don't have a set which can put the Power Function on, and I didn't buy one...  Yes, I can go online to measure the size, but I am too lazy...  Maybe in the future I will update a version for it, but I need to sacrifice some of its play features which I don't really want to.

About the name of the train, its full name is Eta Carinae.  It was one of the brightest stars in the sky.  The reason I picked this one...  I don't want to use some very popular names, like Sirius...  And I think it is interesting to read its Wikipedia page.


Some information and images I posted before I submitted this idea. [link]




After the conflict, people of Nero and Pyrka team up and travel to Geia, the strength of Eleton, to discover the reason why Democritus left Eleton.  When they get there, they realize the people of Geia are having a civil war.  Later, people of Nero and Pyrka are captured by Benegy*.  After talking to General Ebner, they understand that General Ebner was one of Democritus' men and Democritus didn't left Eleton.  Democritus was captured by Maledius*.  They have to defeat Maledius, save Democritus, and solve the mysteries.

Group Benegy* - a group which is led by General Ebner, Democritus' most trusted person in Geia.

Group Maledius* - a group which is led by Terades.



About the ideas:

05 Carinae Express

The Castle of Geia is invaded by Terades.  Help!  People of Pyrka come to rescue by sending out the Carinae Express, a heavy armor train.  Watch out! People of Maledius put dynamite on the railroad.  Send out someone to deactivate the dynamite!

Pieces: About 1385...

Minifigure: Pyrka - 5 minifigures - Names Undecided

                 Nero - 1 minifigure -  Name Undecided

                 Earth - 3 minifigures - Group Maledius - Names Undecided

Price: around 99.99 USD to 119.99 USD




P.s. I know the story may sound confusing...  I will try to explain it in Eurobricks and update the link if I have time to do that.


I will render more images for this idea.


If you think the images are blurry, open the image in new tab, click the omnibox, delete "-full" before ".png", and push "enter" bottom on your keyboard.

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