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Bionicle: Power of Autism and the Most Famous Toa, Toa Gali Mata

The most Famous Toa, Toa Gali Mata, a Female Toa Mata of Water who had Autism and she was born on July 9th, 1950. She is an Alpha Tribe member of the 7 Toa Mata. Toa Gali Mata had her brother, Toa Tahu Mata, Tribe Leader of the 7 Toa Mata. Her younger brother, Toa Herbert Mata, Toa Mata of Bluefire. Build the Autism Puzzle Piece, Build the DNA, When you're a kid that goes back to the Year 2001? You can build Toa Gali Mata, Build the Word Au. Stands for Autism, and Build the Diorama with the power of Autism!

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