Product Idea

Lego Archie - Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe

For generations now people have been reading Archie comics. A series of comics about a group of teenagers in Riverdale. One location that stands out in the comics is Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe a 1950's style diner that is run by it's owner Pop Tate. The diner has grown to become a staple in the comics. The set I have created not only includes the diner but also features Archie's iconic car a Ford T Jalopy. The set also features Archie's band "the Archies" who are recognizable for their hit song "Sugar, Sugar".

The set comes with six minifigures: Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Reggie Mantle, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Pop Tate.

The roof of the building can come off to reveal the interior of the diner. Inside there is a booth that is big enough to fit four minifigures, three stools to sit on at the food counter, a hamburger, a milkshake, a grill, an ice cream freezer, a sink, a list, a menu, sticky notes, a clock, a missing cat poster, a guitar lessons poster, and a cash register. One wall of the building has a hinge piece that allows the building to open up and become more acessible.

Outside the building there is a sign that is advertising Pop's, a small sign that is advertising a concert near the door, and an open sign on the door. There is a bike for Betty to ride along with a bike rack. there are boxes and trash bags in one corner that surround an electric wire. and there is a ladder on the back of the Diner.

The roof of Pop's can be used as a stage for "The Archies" to perform at. There are two guitars for Archie and Reggie, a tambourine for Betty, a drum set for Jughead, a piano for Veronica, and a microphone. there is a place for the drum set and the piano to be placed on the roof, they can also be taking off and replaced with two ventilation systems for each spot.

The set also comes with Archie's car that is big enough to fit five minifigures inside.  

This is a great set with multiple play features and many acessories that allow it to be a fun set