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Portal 2 Testing Chamber Revisited


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Portal 2 Test Chamber Revisited

With the success of Lego Dimensions and Portal making up one of the main campaign storylines, I thought it would be a great time to revisit Portal as an official Lego set.

I based my design on the amazing 2012 Lego Cuusoo “Thinking with Portals” by Brickthing. I took his original design and added elements from Lego Dimensions and my own twist with custom decals and details from the Portal games.

Using Lego Designer, I was able to try an assortment of design ideas before ultimately deciding on the final design and going into the build stage.

The final design consists of 868 pieces and the following minifigures:

  • Chell with Portal gun
  • Wheatley
  • Sentry Turrets x2 which can be opened or closed

"The testing area is just ahead. The quicker you get through, the quicker you'll get your sixty bucks."


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