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These sets of snazzy interiors are ment for displaying your minifigure collection in humorous, sombre, relaxed or dramatic poses; or they are ment for getting some stuff into your old and empty Creator 3 in 1 houses, making them fit for play and exploring; or they are ment as ideas for you to base your own furniturisation (that must be a word) on.

The series currently consists of:

  • youth cave, complete with bokshelf, stereo with too large loudspeakers, electric guitar with amplifier and a widescreen TV and recliner. The minifig may be holding a game controller in his hands. How he can see anything on the screen with that haircut is beyond me.
  • A bedroom slash office, with pc-desk, wide bed, dresser and a wardrobe. And still she has nothing to wear.
  • A kitchen kept in stylish white and blue, wooden countertops, sink, oven, fridge and a cute little serving table. The man of the manor has some culinary aspirations and knows to dress the part.
  • A dining room, oaken table set for a candlelit dinner of four, stylish chairs and a drinks cabinet. Someone's dressed to the nines, aiming to impress here.
  • A bathroom with a standard innundation-tec shower, sink, porcelain throne and a big and deep bathtub. Mom doesn't seem impressed with the last visitors mopwork.
  • A bike garage, with all the shelving spave you can fill, too many tools and two bikes in various states of repair. Our hero said he'd get the bikes ready for spring. It's september.

The whole kit is as of now about 575 bricks; further interior ideas may come later; school, shops, restaurants, offices, factories, machine shops etc also offers some fine interiors.

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