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Brick-Fil-a Fast Food Restaurant


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It is my pleasure to introduce Brick-fil-A, a family friendly fast food restaurant that specializes in scrumptious chicken dishes! Brick-fil-A is famous for their chicken sandwiches, nuggets, wraps, salads, fries, fruit bowls, soft drinks, lemonade, and both sweet and unsweetened tea. They also offer chicken biscuits and hash browns for breakfast. For dessert, they offer ice cream cones and milkshakes. The restaurant offers both drive-thru and dining room service.

Inside the restaurant is a large dining room with both booths and chairs with a bouquet of flowers on each table. Behind the dining area is a large playground for the kids to play in after they are finished eating! The playground has a ladder and cushioned stairs, a see-through dome, and an imaginary airplane with a spinning propeller. Don't forget the slide!

The high-tech counter has slim touch screens for the employees, including the drive-thru, and supports touch free payment methods and chip card readers. The soda machine offers multiple selections in addition to the lemonade and tea options. The ice cream machine provides yummy soft serve ice cream for both cones and milkshakes. The drive-thru has a sliding glass window to keep the dining room a comfortable temperature while providing service to drive-thru customers.

The condiments table provides multiple sauces, napkins, and utensils. A removable trash can makes it easier for the employees to quickly empty the trash when it is full. A chalkboard on the back provides a way for the restaurant to advertise exciting news and events occurring in the community!

The kitchen has a spacious area to prepare food, along with another high-tech monitor for keeping track of the orders. In the back is a wide fryer for cooking the food, and double doors in the back for employees to come and go and empty the trash. There's also room for storing boxes and other supplies.

The restaurant provides two entrances for guests, a double door on the side and a single door in the front. The exterior of the restaurant offers outdoor seating with an umbrella for when the weather is nice. The back of the restaurant is where vehicles can drive up and place an order at the drive-thru, and then continue around to pick up their food at the window. Extra trash cans are available in the back if needed during busy times.

This set comes with large 16 x 16 plates for covering the roof of the restaurant and for display. The roof plates can be easily removed and are supported by studs along the edge of the roof all the way around. They are also held up in the middle by removable supports, both in the front and back of the restaurant, making it easier for playing inside when the roof is removed.

The entire set is also modular by itself. The back half of the restaurant can be removed and split into four different modular sections for building and transporting the completed set. The current build contains a little more than 2200 pieces. If the 1 x 4 embossed brick (15533) piece came in a dark red color, it would use roughly 150 pieces less.

This set is inspired by a popular fast food restaurant in the United States. My family loves their food and service, and I wanted to show our appreciation by making this set as a tribute to this restaurant. I looked at numerous restaurant buildings and combined several different common styles to come up with a design that was easily recognizable and provided the convenience, satisfaction, and enjoyment that everyone experiences whenever they go to this restaurant. I paid special attention to the detail, both on the outside and the inside, to make this set as close to the real thing as possible. I also wanted to make sure the set was easy to play with and provided opportunities to explore everyone's imagination!

I used a different name for this set rather than using the real name of the restaurant because I wanted to respect their copyrights and trademarks. If I can get enough supporters and approval from LEGO, I would hope this restaurant company would entertain using the real name, logos, and slogans as part of the released set. I believe both children and adults will enjoy building and playing with this set and I hope you will get a chance to enjoy it too, just as much as I've enjoyed creating it!

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