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Traditional Japanese House

I've decided to make something completely different!. This is a Traditional Japanese house. It was very difficult to put in all the details and quirks and specific features on this house. All of the different elements combined in this house such as the floor, the way the trees are made, the roofs, etc. They are almost completely accurate with the normal Japanese house you would see. And to some people, this particular design, may look very old fashioned. 

This did take over 1000 pieces, and it also has an interior. The interior includes the floor, the table, clock, painting, and on the second floor, it shows 2 beds and a small nightstand. Outside, there is a garden, with a few trees, and pond. 

Basically, this house is full of Japanese styled objects and designs. To me, it looks aesthetically pleasing. How do you think this looks? Okay. My outro. 

I'm donutsmasher, I post weekly spaceships!. I might sometimes make other things, but this is all I have so far. See you in the next one!

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