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Mini Front Engine Roadster


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This is a small scale front engine roadster built with stud-less Technic pieces.

The core of this concept is the possibility of using Technic elements to build a really small front engine car with a functioning mini piston engine connected to the wheels with a full size differential.


Technic pieces enable making functioning mechanisms even at a small scale, and this is the extreme example of how small you can go while building a fake piston engine near the steering at the front of a car.

Micro V6 piston engine

Under the hood you will find a functional Technic V6 piston engine which is connected to the rear axle with a differential.

It was possible to make the engine this small thanks to the use of flower head pieces to construct the crankshaft pushing up the pistons in this fake engine. The engine is 3 studs tall which is significantly smaller than 5 studs of height for regular mini V6~V10 piston engines that have crankshafts taking vertically 3 studs of space.

The connection to the differential has additional small gear to increase the engine rotation rate while moving the car around. This forced some unique connection shifted by one stud in order to not touch the ground with gears.

Instructions available on Rebrickable

Step-by-step instructions are available for free on Rebrickable:

Potential features that could be added by LEGO in the final kit if Ideas Team accepts it:

- Stickers on the body work
- Different body colour

Share the info about this idea everywhere you can if you want it to become a real set!

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