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Assembly Aircraft Company GS-513 Locust

שלום LEGO fans! I know I promised you real bricks but that will have to wait. I've had this and other builds on the back-burner for a couple weeks now and have been itching to actually finish one. As you can see, I wanted to build something with a similar air frame configuration to those RC drones you see in things like Popular Mechanics, the result is my smallest Cuusoo build to date. At precisely 100 bricks/unit, a set of 4 like this should be around $40.

I decided not to give a back-story but have given names, ranks and callsigns for the pilots.

Lastly, the LDD/LXF file is yours for the asking, so if you want to render, build, or edit the design just leave a comment and shoot a message to If you want the file of a different build of mine just tell me.

Squadron Leader: Capt. Tunnis "Search" Bontique.

1st Officer: Lt. Laura "Lightning" Fast

Mission Specialist: Sgt. Paul "Crash" Van Cleve

Flight Rear: PFC Jack "Suit" Williams

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