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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - The 99th precinct


Brooklyn Nine Nine is one of the most popular TV comedies of all time. It has a range of funny, diverse characters and is a very unique show.

This model is a replica of the 99th precinct in the show, and would be a major hit with the fans. It has a lot of cool features, such as:

  • The iconic 3 vending machines in the Break Room
  • The punching statue in the Break Room
  • Gina using her phone (Kwazy Cupcakes)
  • The precinct's kitchen (Terry loves yogurt)
  • The interrogation room (Now number five!)
  • Jake Peralta and the squad's lockers (Garbage dump in the Phillipines)
  • The set also has the rarely seen Copy Room (Used as a red herring with pidgeons in the first Halloween episode)

This set is perfect for die-hard fans of the show (Die-Hard pun intended), and would be a huge hit.

If the size of the set is a problem (due to it being very large), there are always ways of making the fans happy, such as making the set with only the bullpen (as seen in the last 2 images). 

Thank you for checking this idea out and please do support it. 

Nine Nine!

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