Product Idea

BrickHeadz Granny!

Thanks for supporting!!!

This is our Granny. Her name is Granny. Granny is based off the moblie horror game called Granny, and to be honest it isn't scary! You might me wondering. . . "Why did you choose Grammy?" Well, great question!!! Granny is becoming super popular and a lot of people are looking to Granny as a great game, so I made a brickheadz version. Another question could be "Why is it a brickheadz?" Well, I love brickheadz! It's becoming my favorite series lego has made. So if you support my project, it will make my day, also one more thing if this does become a real lego set, which it won't because LEGO has to see if set is good. So as I was saying if this becomes a real set, thank you all!