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The Riverboat


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This project is made in collaboration with my brother, @Brickey Scout.
Ah, the river boat, such a beautiful piece of machinery. Although they didn't last very long, they were once one of the United States' best ways of transporting goods and passengers across the country. They were pretty much the semitrucks of the 19th century with a river for a road. Now, the remaining river boats have been modified and are used for tourism.

The Set:
This set is a detailed depiction of a real-life riverboat with its many iconic features such as its steam stacks, paddle wheel, and flat hull. Including 9 minifigures in total such as the newspaper boy, captain, and businessmen, this build would make an amazing display and play set. I always love to see sets based on historical objects, locations, or people and there isn't enough detailed 18+ LEGO boats if you ask me.

Other Details:
This river boat contains below 2000 LEGO elements and just under a foot tall.

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