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Blue Sports Car

My model is a blue sports car I decided to make a few months back. It has pedals, a steering wheel and opening doors. I made the exhausts come out the side of the car instead of the back and added some flame to give it that aesthetics. This build contains 420 bricks.

I decided to build this car because I love cars and one day I was scrolling through my social media when I saw a LEGO competition to pose a car somewhere in South Africa. This got me thinking. I decided to make my own car for the competition because I love making LEGO builds so much.

I think this LEGO build will make a great LEGO Ideas set because it looks very nice, and I can picture it being boxed with every piece on the inside. I also think it will be a great LEGO Ideas set because it has a good build structure with not too many bricks.

Thank you, LEGO and I hope you like it!

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