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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I’m on a mission to turn all my favourite books into Lego!!!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Arguably Roald Dahl’s most famous children’s novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is full of colour and adventure – perfect for recreation in Lego.

This design contains 8 rooms. The three rooms on the ground floor are attached and hinged in the centre. The rest of the rooms detach and can be unstacked for play.

The Chocolate Room

Willy Wonka’s masterpiece, this room features the chocolate river and huge chocolate waterfall surrounded by fields of edible goodness! There are many details from the book – glass pipes, edible rhododendrons and buttercups, toffee apple trees and minty grass. The back wall contains a mosaic of pink and yellow flowers. A candy frog sits on a lily pad in the middle of the river, which can be crossed via a golden bridge. To the right, Willy Wonka’s majestic boiled-sweet ship sails down the river – use one of two pink mugs to dip chocolate from the river as you sail along.

There is a specially created glass pipe in the wall which Augustus Gloop can be sucked into after he falls into the chocolate river.

Square Sweets That Look Round

The ship can be easily removed to open the door to the ‘Square Sweets’ Room – it can also be viewed through a clear panel in the wall. The square sweets are built onto a special rotating piece, which can be turned to create the “looking around” effect. The sweets come in four colours.

The Nut Room & The Rubbish Chute

In the Nut Room, a squirrel sits atop a stool at a high table, shelling a mound of walnuts. Next to the table is the trap door, leading to the rubbish chute below.

Veruca Salt can be tipped through the trap door (turn the squirrel to hold the door open), where she will land in a pile of garbage including a sock, a fish, a bottle, a chicken leg, some cheese, bones and a spider. Haul her out through the garbage chute door on the side of the building.

The Inventing Room

Again, this room abounds in details from the text – a barrel of yellow sticky stuff, black metal pots bubbling on a stove, a huge oven, a bottle of fizzy lifting drink, rainbow drops – and of course, plenty of invisible chocolate bars for eating in class. Two of Wonka’s amazing machines are surrounded by sweets and candies of myriad shapes and colours.

The everlasting gobstopper machine works as in the book – push the lever on the top, and a small, round, green gobstopper will drop in to the basket below.

The Great Gum Machine includes the clear tub where rainbow colours mix together to create the grey strip of gum which appears in a small drawer. (Eating this will turn Violet into an enormous blueberry.)

The Television Chocolate Room

As in the book, this room is white, bathed in a white-blue light. An Oompa-Loompa, dressed in a red spacesuit, mans the large camera. A giant, black television set sits at the other end of the room. Place the large bar of Wonka Chocolate in front of the camera, and see it become a small bar of chocolate inside the television. Mike Teavee can also be placed inside the television (although I have not been able to create a “shrunken” version of Mike Teavee yet!).

Chocolate Cows, Rock-Candy Mine & Juicing Room

This room contains several scenes mentioned in the book. One of Wonka’s beautiful chocolate cows (they give chocolate milk) is grazing, with a pink bucket nearby to collect milk. Two Oompa-Loompas, dressed in their traditional garb (deer-skin for men, leaves for women), are mining a rock-candy mountain. Violet Beauregarde can be spun on the purple juicing machine. A giant purple and green “W” adorns the top of the wall.

The Great Glass Lift / Elevator

The Great Glass Lift can be detached easily from this room, and can zoom around IN ANY DIRECTIONN – just like in the book! (Amazing!) This room has high windows and a roof, topped with three eclectic chimneys (one is puffing smoke).



  • Willy Wonka – dressed in his black top hat, plum coloured suit, bottle green trousers and holding his gold topped cane
  • Charlie Bucket – in shirt and patched trousers, holding his winning golden ticket
  • Grandpa Joe, in beanie and overalls
  • Augustus Gloop – the greedy boy is holding a glass of chocolate and his clothes are covered in chocolate
  • Veruca Salt – this spoiled child is dressed in expensive clothing and her elaborately curled hair is topped with a  bow
  • Violet Beauregarde – she holds her record breaking stick of gum, and is dressed in violet clothing
  • Mike Teavee – this television-addicted boy comes with cowboy hat and toy pistols
  • Three Oompa Loompas, based on the descriptions in the book

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Books + Lego = FUN!

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