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Batman - Silent Wing


Batman - Silent wing.

Whenever Batman needs to catch his enemies by surprise, there's no better choice of vehicle than to use the silent wing.

Based on an old schematic found in a lost library, this model allows for long flights without the need of any kind of fuel or  energy, apart that from the pilot's own arms.


This model features fully flappable wings and tail.


This set could include two other minifigures. Please state your preferences in the comment section.

Here are your options:

 - Ras'al Ghul and female assassin with small league of assassin's outpost.

 - Two face and damsel in distress in industrial complex.

 - Bane and Thalia rooftop assault.



Once this reaches 500 the final set will be determined by the majority of votes.

I will then post as an update the final result.


Many thanks!

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