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Pig Shed


Hello! This is my new project called Pig Shed. Pig shed is a set which includes a shed and 2 pigs. There are leaves on some of the mud. There's a giant windmill which holds a bucket. When the windmill rotates around, the bucket is full of water and it cleans the pigs. This  set is great fun for city's and farms or countrysides! If you have a Castle, this would be the great set for it, because it has the kings flag on the front of the shed. This set is aimed at between 10-13. The Pig Shed is really fun and enjoyable for everyone! I think this set would be perfect, enjoyable and fun for the whole family. If you think this project is good and fun then please leave your support and comment for any updates I can add on this project the way you want it. Thank you.






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