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RC Rock Crawler

Crawl over the most moderate of terrain with this fully remote-controlled rock crawler! With full remote control, utilise the 4-link suspension and 4-wheel drive with some insane gear reduction! Activate the differential locks with pneumatics if your RC skills need some work.

Hi, everyone. This is my second RC LEGO vehicle. It should work in theory, but it has not been built in real life, so no guarantees. 😉

What is it?
This is a fully remote-controlled rock crawler/off roader. It is powered by Powered Up/Control+ elements (a smart hub, 3 L motors and a M motor). It features 4wd, steering, 4-link suspension, custom springs (made of LEGO elements), and remotely-operated differential lockers via pneumatics. 

Why did you build it?
I've always (well, for a while anyway) wanted to build a high-performing LEGO rock crawler and test its capabilities. This rock crawler has been built with performance in mind, but I've also included a more familiar car-like structure on top. I also want to see a Technic set from LEGO Ideas. We haven't had one yet, and it ought to be a good one.

Why would it make a great set?
For a multitude of reasons, really. First, this model provides a great build experience. It contains approximately 1500 pieces, with plenty of functionality for the more advanced builders out there. Playability is also a big one. A remote-controlled car combined with the Control+ challenges (similar to 42099) is sure to be a hit. 

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