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Macintosh Plus Apple

The Macintosh Plus built in 1:1 scale.
The Macintosh was the first home computer from Apple.
The computer was now almost accessible to everyone in their homes.
This is the Plus model an upgrade from the first ones.
It's the platinum case color version.

This model includes :
- Macintosh Plus computer
- Macintosh Plus M0110A keyboard
- Macintosh Plus M0100 mouse
- System floppy disk
- A blank screen
- 4 different screens

The different screens can be stored in the back of the Mac when you don't use them.
It will let everyone be able to choose their favorite screen and display it.
The Macintosh Plus is a very AESTHETIC and retro object from the 80s.
I think it will be a great set for every Apple, technology, computer and retro objects enthusiasts.
They will be able to rebuild and display this major piece of computers history.

If you like this project, please support it and share it with everyone, so it can hit 10k supporters,
and perhaps become a real set!

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