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Aero-Bike Chase

Imagine a world where the era from the '20s to the '40s never ended. A Dieselpunk universe of wonder where incredible machines are invented everyday. There, the main mode of transport is by aero-bike, a flying contraption that combines both the speed and power of an airplane with the mobility of a motorcycle. What adventurers will our Indiana Jones-esque explorers go on with these bikes? What dangers will they face? One thing is for sure, it will be an exciting quest!


The concept of the Aero-bike first came to me as a table-scrap when I was playing around with the engine models from my Concorde Display Set project. I thought, what if I stuck two oversized engines on to a motorcycle? The result was this project!


  • Total part count = 211 
  • Jet aero-bike features detailed engines and is piloted by an intrepid adventurer
  • Propeller aero-bike is piloted by a fiendish automaton and features:
    • Furiously spinning turboprop blades
    • Firing missiles
    • Deployable landing gear
  • Help the adventurer escape to safety!

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