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Mountain Bike/E-Bike

Why a Mountain Bike?

I was inspired to create this LEGO mountain bike project by my goal of getting in better shape. Running on a treadmill seemed like literally going nowhere. I also like nature and wanted to get outside more safely, and then it came to me: mountain biking! It's a fun way to exercise with lots of exciting trails to choose from. I then wondered if I could make a LEGO mountain bike with the features of the real thing in a stable way, so I set about building one in LEGO.

I think this would make a great LEGO set because:

Mountain biking and biking, in general, is an environmentally clean way to get out and about, and a LEGO set would help promote this as a good example. Bikes have been growing in popularity recently, as have e-bikes. It would attract a new audience to experience building with LEGO and might be a stepping stone to other sets and themes. Also, It looks cool, with interesting features and details, and would make a great play and display model. 


The model needed to be stable and have realistic features, so I chose to build in Technic. In addition, I wanted to give the option of an e-bike by way of a few extra add-on parts. While I have proposed various color schemes, my thoughts are to have the bike in yellow and include the additional 20 pieces to enable a build-in olive green. These two schemes cover those who like a more saturated bright classic Technic look and those who prefer a more muted look.

The widest parts of the bike are darker to help it visually thin out, recede, and draw less attention. I wanted some of the bikes to stand out more, but not in a flashy overdone way. So I added some simple graphics ARC Racing (my initials) and a graphic of gear element 3648. I went for a low-ish part count of around 400 for the whole set proposal.

Included in my set proposal:

  • An extra 20 or so parts to enable a build-in olive green
  • Realistic proportions
  • Working drivetrain, including pedals, gears, and chain
  • Working dual suspension
  • Brakes and brake cables
  • Derailleur
  • Drink bottle and holder
  • Working Kickstand
  • Rear reflector
  • An accurately shaped seat at the correct angle
  • E-Bike conversion kit. Includes 2 x larger brake rotors, motor, battery, and speedometer
  • Bike repair stand (Elevates and holds the bike to make working on it easier)
  • Foot pump.
  • Minifigures of a male & female cyclist with a trophy, because who doesn't love Minifigures?

Who will win the biking trophy? Despite the guy holding onto it in the main pic, I think the female Minifigure has a more determined look and will win!

This proposal shows some re-colored elements, such as Technic shock absorber 6.5L soft spring.
Also, some rare and no longer produced in that color elements, such as Technic gear 3648 in black and Technic Bush 4265 in Blue.

If you think a mountain bike/e-bike would make a great LEGO set, click support, and share the link on social media. If it gets 10,000 supporters, it could become an official LEGO set sold in stores and online!

Thank you for your support and consideration.

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