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The Brady Bunch Film Set


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The Brady Bunch is back! For this entry, I wanted to create a tribute build to the Brady Bunch, one of America’s most popular family. I wanted to create the famous staircase, along with other key features. I originally wanted to create the entire Brady Bunch house, but I realized it was too big to make in three thousand pieces. I think this would be a great set because the Brady Bunch is very popular and very well known. I think it would be cool for fans of the show to get their hands on the film set as a set. This model includes:
  • Approximately 2,000 pieces
  • All of the Brady Bunch in minifigure form
  • A minifigure display case for the Brady Bunch
  • The famous staircase, along with the kitchen and living room
  • two removable filming cameras
I hope you like this model and tell others about it.

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