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Climber Corner


Fell to its doom.

Today, Climber Corner is no more. It fell of the stand and met the carpet from 4 feet up :( RIP climber corner..I do see this becomin another project involving climbing again in the future!


Roof, Tree, Cabin upgrades

I redesigned the roof to be more removeable, and added a feature to make the light brick more accessible.

Added awnings to the windows for a better look, added an arrow to direct where the light brick is located.


Minifigures, Gear and Wildlife.

This set would include atleast 4 minifigures.

Two climbers male and female, one female hiker accompanied by her dog, and one male living or taking care of the cave and the hut.

Gear would be helmets, ropes, grappling hooks, fire extinguisher, megaphone, cups, pans, food items like protien bar, chocolate bar,sandwich, apple, banana..

Thanks for checking out my idea!

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